Nzinga Rising

Here’s the student film Andrew made as part of the Documentary Video Institute at Duke this summer. The  eight-day class provided valuable skills and teaching techniques that will be useful for creating media and raising up new filmmakers in many countries.

Video Update From South Africa

Above is our latest update from the field. We’re planning more such updates to fill in what’s going on in between our quarterly letters.

Your prayers are most welcome as Holly and I have recently settled into a furnished basement apartment at Siloam Missionary Homes. This will be our temporary home until the rest of our support comes in and God provides a home in town closer to the office.

OneStory Animation Sneak Peek

Once we finish raising support and report to the Visual Media team in NC, Andrew will be available to collaborate on this groundbreaking project full-time. TWR is working with a OneStory partner organization to visually present a set of Bible stories to an unreached people group in North Africa.

TWR360 Nigeria advertisement released

The Good News of Jesus is being declared in new ways that deserve promotion.

In October 2015, Andrew and Holly provided casting and location scouting in South Africa to promote the TWR360 app. By filming this scene about “Nigerian soldiers” near Johannesburg instead of Lagos, TWR saved thousands of dollars and avoided great risks.

2016 Interview

In January we visited the TWR offices in Cary, North Carolina where we’ll be based after enough additional monthly support is raised. To spread the word about who we are to new friends and churches (and inform all current ministry partners about the new role) our Visual Media Dept. coworkers interviewed us. After adding photos we gave them of our nine years together in Africa they created this great video.

You can watch it now on Vimeo and (even download it to view offline.) Please let us know what you think below!

Africa Social Media Leadership videos

Please enjoy the Dead Horse and Sandwich videos I helped produce with coworkers in the past six months. During this time, TWR Africa has been busy with a social media pilot project to promote one of our radio series.

Tools for Wise Leadership is an English series produced in Zimbabwe now for over a decade. It’s aired on shortwave and more recently distributed online via TWR360. As new episodes are released between January and June of 2015, TWR sparks interactions on Facebook and WhatsApp with quotes and scriptures from the episodes as well as graphics and videos for sharing. The major goal is listeners discussing with each other biblical principles that apply to leadership situations in Africa.

Please pray TWR learns how to use social media well and that we continue to experiment to find new and more effective ways to minister.